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This is an online doctor service as well as an online pharmacy. This means that you can get a consultation and also have your prescription filled out by the same provider. Users enjoy

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. Simple Online Doctor offers general consultations on common issues such as sexual health and offering doctors certificates, but is also employs psychologists who can handle your mental health concerns. Some of its popular clinics and consultations include those on the contraceptive pill and chlamydia treatment, and this demonstrates how discreet the service is for its users.

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    • Chlamydia Treatment Contraceptive Pill Erectile Dysfunction Hair Loss Malaria Tablets

    Simple Online Doctor The service offers a free consultation process that is thereafter reviewed by one of the prescribers. Once the prescriber forms a diagnosis, they will issue you with a private prescription if you are eligible. The prescription is thereafter sent by post to your address, and you should receive it within the same day if the order is placed before 10 a.m. during the week, or take 5 business days if you are in a rural area.

However, if you cannot receive your package, it will be sent to your local post office and held for 5 business days and maintained through a tracking number. If it is not collected within this time frame, it will be returned to the service, and you will be charged a redelivery fee of $20. A refund is also available if your order is not approved by the doctor, or if the doctor believes that you require a face to face consultation.

The service uses credit card services, and a refund takes approximately 2-4 days to reach your card. Unlike other online doctors, Simple Online Doctor does not advertise its charges.

The fees are not included on the site, perhaps in order to maintain the theme of discretion that many of its users expect. On the other hand, this could be a deliberate omission so as to customize their fees based on their clients, as the service is clearly oriented towards serving awkward medical conditions that are not difficult to diagnose but which the patients want to get discreet treatment for without seeing a physician in person.

Another remarkable difference from other online services is that it offers an online pharmacy, but the packages containing the prescriptions are discreet with no labeling of drug names. Instead, the packages contain only the address label and a return address but no information about the contents of the package. This means that you can order the prescription and pick it up without embarrassment if the treatment is for a condition you are ashamed of. Simple Online Doctor offers critical services, but the limited information on its site could make a potential patient to hesitate in using its services.

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Its FAQs section needs to be more comprehensive, and the service made more convenient for users of all age groups, especially the youth who prefer digital social media tools for communication. Pros and cons

Pros • Simple Online Doctor offers discreet packaging and payment services for those embarrassing medical conditions. • Discreet consultations allow patients to explain themselves freely from the comfort of their homes. • Fast delivery of orders and effective follow-up during the shipment process. • Excellent communication between the service and its clients during the delivery process.

Cons Better value elsewhere...

• Fees are not advertised or fixed and can thus prove expensive for some individuals if they underestimate the charges. • Postal delivery can be inconveniencing if the patient is busy. • Lack of mobile or digital services means that the service is limited. Score Ease of use: 70/100 Convenience factor: 80/100 Technology: 50/100

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    Don’t be afraid to speak up.

    Be prepared for office visits. Relax. Be honest. Five Simple Doctor Tips for Online doctors Respect patients and colleagues Communication is key
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If treatment is not suitable for you, or if our doctors feel it best to continue to be seen by your regular doctor, a full refund will be issued. /erectile-dysfunction/viagra/

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