Doctoroo is an online medical service that enables you to speak to an Australian doctor from any device, any time, and anywhere in the country. It partners with doctors and pharmacies across the country to provide telemedicine and medication management services that meet the needs of the patients. The app is available on Android phones, iPhones, iPads, PCs, and Tablets. Through this service, you can order for your prescriptions online, manage and re-order medications. It allows doctors to both treat their own patients and those using the service more efficiently. The service is especially beneficial to patients who live in remote areas and cannot make physical consultations easily.

Doctors operating from this service treat general conditions and can have video consultations with their patients, provide medical and prescription certificates, check patient history and medications, easily send prescriptions to pharmacies, and send messages to their patients and to pharmacies. Doctors who work through this service are empowered to offer high quality services to their own patients or those that they consult with through the service. As a result, they are able to reduce their overheads such as administration, travel and rent costs because they can also practice from their homes from anywhere in Australia.

For those doctors who have practices, Doctoroo offers additional income for those times when the practice is quiet. It also ensures that the partner pharmacies can easily and expertly provide services to their busy customers using online services. The pharmacy can offer delivery services and medication reminders that enable customers to be notified when to take their medication during the day.

This service is different from other online services because it partners with pharmacies in such a way as to offer personalized prescription services. For instance, it enables patients through their pharmacies to set reminders for the times they should take their medication. Ultimately, such a service ensures that patients follow the prescription and get well as expected. The service also allows doctor members to maintain their own private patients but also work with patients who use Doctoroo. In this way, the doctors have flexible working capabilities, while the patients have greater access to their own doctors as well as others found on the site.