GP2U Telehealth

This service is based on telehealth medicine and is considered innovative in the industry because it acts more like a virtual clinic. As long as you have a smartphone and download the service’s app, you can visit the virtual clinic, book an appointment, and even wait in a virtual waiting room as you wait for the specialist to attend to you.

The app can be used on PCs, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, and Android phones that can effectively connect to Skype services. Once you sign up with GP2U, you can see a doctor or a specialist online through video conferencing. You can also see your local doctor or GP as long as they are registered with the service, and this is likely to enhance your patient experience if you consult with a physician who is already familiar with your medical history.

Telehealth offers various services such as general consultations, mental health issues, weight-loss services, alcohol and drug treatment services, corporate remote medical support, medical certificates, and workers’ compensation medical certificates. The doctors in this service liaise with various specialists in order to provide effective and on-going treatments for their patients and to conveniently fill prescriptions after consultation with your doctor. The average length of consultation is usually 15 minutes and costs between $50 and $69.

There is a Medicare rebate for a standard GP consult that is set at $36. The ability to receive Medicare rebates, even if for specific patients in specific locations, sets the service apart from other online doctors that do not integrate Medicare into their services. These are affordable prices and offer flexibility for most patients. Furthermore, the service uses PayPal as its payment gateway and this makes it easier for all users to access it via their devices and to maintain the confidentiality of their personal and credit card information. You can also use private billing that supports direct deposit and credit card payments.

Unlike many online doctor services, GP2U, allows you to select a doctor who has the attributes of your choosing such as the language they speak, gender, and location so that you can be more comfortable during your consultation. GP2U charges consultation fees based on the duration of the appointment. The appointment page also lists, where necessary, the specialty of the doctors, so you do not have to guess or get a doctor who cannot effectively handle your issue. Another differentiating factor with GP2U is that the service can be billed through Medicare, thus reducing your overall costs.

Pros and cons

• Free registration to the app. • Payment gateway is through PayPal, and is thus secure as the service does not store patients’ credit card details. • Fully insured and registered doctors. • Short waiting times to see a doctor. • Easy accessibility of the app on most phones. • Convenience for patients and the ability to consult from the comfort of their homes. • Doctors and specialists are available at specified times in the virtual clinic. • Patients can use GP2U overseas.
• The app uses an excellent encrypted security system for data safety and confidentiality on its Skype connections.

• Patients are allowed to filter and select physicians based on location, gender, languages spoken, and other special interests for a high quality experience. • Refunds are available if the consultation cannot take place due to technological challenges or if the patient cancels with 24 hours’ notice.

Cons • Medicare rebates are offered through the service for selected patients in specific locations. • Services not available 24 hours a day. • Technological glitches mainly in video links and internet connection prevent effective consultations. Score Ease of use: 90/100 Convenience factor: 100/100 Technology: 100/100