Instantscripts is an online prescription service that allows users to order for and receive prescriptions from the comfort of their homes. The system works by a user entering the Instascript terminal, selecting the medication they need, answering few questions, and then the doctor emails the prescription to the user’s pharmacist.

The service is available as an app on Google Play and App Store, so users can conveniently access it from their phones or other hand-held digital devices if need be. The service is especially useful for individuals who have lost their original prescriptions, do not have enough time to schedule a doctor’s appointment for another prescription, or their doctor is not easily accessible. Users are able to select pharmacies from the hundreds available across the country.

The prescriptions cover general conditions, women’s and men’s health, and medicines for chronic conditions such as asthma and high blood pressure, among others. Each user questionnaire is reviewed and approved by a local GP before the user can receive their prescription through their pharmacy. The service however does not guarantee a prescription because it is the GP who will decide if the consultation warrants a prescription.

This service is different from others in that it only offers prescription services rather than also offering treatments for the prescribed medicines. Furthermore, the website works in collaboration with local GPs who are licensed and registered, instead of only having doctors on the site to handle the prescriptions.

Pros and cons Pros • Prescriptions are approved by a local GP. • Prescriptions without a phone consultation are available at $15. • Prescription delivery to patients' homes. • Bulk-billed consultations for patients with a Medicare card. • Helpful when prescriptions are lost or when a doctor is not readily accessible. • Over 300 prescriptions for common ailments and chronic illnesses. • Prescriptions also available for private conditions such as erectile dysfunction, depression and anxiety, and for oral contraceptives so as to ensure patient privacy. • Medical certificates that are valid for 1 day are available. • Service available as an app on smartphones and iPhones. • Data encryption for patient information to ensure privacy and security. Cons • Only consultations rather than treatment. Consultations have to be sent to doctors for review. • The process of acquiring a prescription is simple but can be misused because it is the patient who describes the medicine that they need. • No prescriptions for Schedule 8 medications and codeine-based medications. Score Ease of use: 80/100 Convenience factor: 90/100 Technology: 60/100