Instantconsult offers consultations through highly qualified and registered doctors via video call anywhere in Australia. It offers its services via a mobile app, making it convenient for individuals who live in remote areas and require swift services from a doctor. Individuals with access to a PC, Android Tablet, Android phone, iPad, or iPhone can access this service as long as they have speakers, a camera and internet connection.

This service is also convenient when an individual merely needs to get a medical certificate or get their prescription renewed because they do not have to travel to a GP when they are too sick to work. As such, it acts as a supplement to using regular doctors and is consequently more convenient and faster. The main benefit of the service is that it enables patients to conveniently access a professional physician without having to book an appointment. The patient merely requests for a consult and is thereafter connected to the first available doctor via video call. These doctors are specialists in various fields such as pathology and radiology, but they also handle general medical issues such as colds and sexual health.

Using Instantconsult relieves the pressure on medical facilities and enables them to focus on patients with more serious conditions. The price of a consultation is automatically pre-authorized from a patient’s credit card and is based on the duration of the consult because the doctors cannot guarantee upfront what treatment or certificate a patient might require. However, the price ranges from $35 (a consult of less than 10 minutes) to $105 (more than 40 minutes) and is automatically timed. Despite the fact that this is cheaper than some regular GP consultations, it can be a challenge for an economically disadvantaged individual.

However, the service refunds the individual if the consult was unsuccessful or cancelled. Individuals can also view online the number of doctors available at a given time as well as the expected wait time. This allows them to decide whether to join the queue and wait for a consult, request a consult at a later time, or seek regular GP services if they are in a hurry.

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Pros and cons

• Easy access for anyone via mobile app.

• 24-hour services, meaning they are reachable at any time.

• A wide range of services for different needs.

• Instant consultations for patients seeking fast support.

• Data encryption that ensures patient and hospital data is safe and secure.

• Allows patients to receive their medical documents online and electronically.

• Patients are allowed to rate their doctor after a consultation, and this helps other first-time patients to read reviews and understand the benefits of the service.


• Patients using the mobile app can risk data loss or data theft if they do not know how to protect their phones using strong passwords.

• The swift availability of doctors is not guaranteed.

• Consultation fees can be high for some individuals.

• The service is not covered by Medicare and is therefore expensive for some patients. • Cannot be used for emergencies.

Score Ease of use: 80/100 Convenience factor: 100/100 Technology: 90/100