The RACGP is the country’s leading general practice organization that represents the interests of GPs from across Australia. It has over 40,000 members who are active professionals in various medical facilities. Its main role is to participate in research, training and educational activities that are geared towards ensuring that Australians receive quality care from their GPs. RACGP assesses the member doctors’ skills, develops standards and guidelines that practitioners follow, and guides GPs on issues that occur in their practices.

The organization also offers guidance and programs for local and international medical students who want to become GPs, as well as exam support structures for them. There are also courses and events geared towards GPs who require professional development, and these courses can be online or in regular classes.

Education providers additionally receive guidance on industry standards for ensuring that the training that they offer GPs is of the highest quality. In general, this organization helps both practicing and aspiring GPs to keep up to date with developments in the medical field. Another notable offering from the organization is its advice and guidelines on information security, as this is a critical factor in today’s medical practice. This is because GPs and other physicians have to handle critical patient data safely and confidentially, so it is important for them to understand how such data should be protected. This organization and its site are different because rather than treating patients, it gives GPs advice on how to treat their patients. This in effect makes RACGP a consultative organization that ensures medical professionals keep up with the expected industry standards and practices while enhancing their patients’ quality of care and safety. RACPG is not an online doctor service but instead it offers guidance on how GPs can work both online and in regular practice in a way that will ensure that their patients receive the best care. Furthermore, the organization provides reports and submissions to various state and private agencies on issues related to health and clinical medicine.

Pros and cons

Pros • The organization enhances collaboration and teamwork capabilities between practitioners, and this leads to high quality patient care for the GPs in their respective practices. • The organization’s members appear to be passionate about their work. • RACPG offers practical advice, workshops and seminars for its practitioners to enable them work efficiently and effectively in their practice. • The organization encourages awareness about medical issues across the country. • The site caters to different needs and individuals; from professionals to students. • Comprehensive guidelines are available for students who want to train as GPs and enter into practice. • The use of social media tools allows for a wider reach to audiences across the country. • The organization offers a comprehensive range of contact websites that its members can use to find resources and learn pertinent information concerning the medical industry.

Cons • The site is not particularly applicable to regular patients or individuals unless they are interested in clinical and health issues. Score Ease of use: 90/100 Convenience factor: 90/100 Technology: 80/100