Clickifsick is online service available on the website or by smart phone that helps users to get certified sick or carer’s leave certificates. The service works by enabling users to enter the site, select the certificate they want, complete the consultation from, and then speak online to the pharmacist. This ensures that you can get proof of legitimate absence from work. The pharmacists are expected to examine conditions that are under their scope of practice so that they can accurately provide valid certificates based on their professional expertise. Its core offerings include certificates for personal leave and carer’s leave.

These certificates are obtained from certified pharmacists, and this ensures that employers do not reject the certificates presented by their employees. The product offerings are limited, but they offer a vital service for users who may otherwise face challenges in getting such services. As such, Clickifsick eliminates the need for a third party to provide prescriptions and thus ensures that sick people get sorted medically from the convenience of their homes.

The site differs from others in the industry based on its offerings that do not include treatment options. It only offers certificates rather than also offering consultations and treatments. Clickifsick also offers its services through Google Hangouts, an option that is not available for many other websites. This provides an option for users who either do not have or want to use Skype, or who want to maintain their anonymity. In addition, it also accepts payments through PayPal, which is also a non-existent option for many other websites. Its unique services have earned it a place in the Australian Health Care Week finals and a mention in the Australian Healthcare Week Pitchfest.

Pros and cons

Pros • Simple consultation process which reduces the hassle of long queues in a waiting room to get a certificate. • Easy consultation from the comfort of the home as long as a user has internet connection. • Ability to pay using various channels such as PayPal and by credit card. • Cheap introductory price of $19.95 although this is expected to reach $24.95. • Easy consultation options such as Hangouts or Skype depending on a user’s internet availability. Cons • Certificates not available for pregnancy-related issues or for compassionate leave. • The service creates the potential for misuse by individuals who merely want to avoid work. • The website’s FAQ’s section is not comprehensive. Score Ease of use: 90/100 Convenience factor: 100/100 Technology: 90/100