13 DOCTOR provides information on the telehealth services offered by the website. 13 DOCTOR is therefore an important website because it provides online medical care, which is particularly useful at a time such as this with the challenges of the CORVID-19 pandemic. It offers consultations, prescription services, and medical certificate and referral services.

The website offers step-by-step guidelines on how patients can access their services. As such, this ensures that patients clearly understand the process involved in telehealth consultations and what they will require in order to have a positive experience.

The services are offered I both rural and urban areas across Australia, so individuals unable to make physical consultations will benefit from the service. The core offerings on the site include secure and real-time video calls, and the highly qualified doctors treat common ailments such as colds, ear infections, migraines, UTIs, ENT issues, and viral illnesses, as well as childhood medical conditions such as diarrhea, coughs, and ear infections, among others. The doctors offer consultations, medical certificates and referrals, and send prescriptions directly to patients’ pharmacies or to a pharmacy nominated by the patient. As a result, patients can get their prescriptions filled in pharmacies that they are most comfortable with.

This service is different from other online services because it offers its services throughout the day and night unlike others that are only available for daytime services alone. It also offers consultations for individuals who are travelling or at home, as well as in some private rooms in some local pharmacies. This ensures that patients, even those who do not have their own internet services, can access the website and receive the help they need. The availability of telephone services also offers additional options for reaching the company.

Pros and cons Pros • The service is available even in remote areas. • Patients without internet services can use phone consultations as long as they note this in their bookings. • Availability of referral options if needed. • Travelling individuals can get consultations. • 24/7 availability of the services. • Highly trained and registered professionals who are specialists in telehealth consultations. • Privacy and confidentiality supported by data encryption during consultations is guaranteed. • The service treats a wide variety of common conditions for all ages. • Ability to send medical certificates by email as well as sending scripts directly to local pharmacies. • Fast response times for starting consultations. Cons • Lack of consultations for special conditions e.g. cancer and other non-common conditions. • Consultations are limited to observations that can be provided over the phone or video communications. • The fee of $49 each for prescriptions, consultations, and for medical referrals and certificates appears to be on the higher side when compared to other services. • Private billing for video consults has the potential to be high. • Lack of Medicare options for the video consults. Score Ease of use: 90/100 Convenience factor: 90/100 Technology: 90/100