Should I Consider Taking PrEP? PREPARATION is for individuals who do not have HIV and are at extremely high risk of getting it with sex or injecting substance abuse. The recommendation, based upon government guidelines, is that PrEP be taken into consideration for HIV-negative individuals that remain in a sexual connection with an HIV-positive individual.

This recommendation likewise includes any person who:

are in a partnership that is not mutually virginal * with a person that has lately had a negative HIV examination outcome, as well as likewise be:\

· a gay or bisexual guy who has had rectal sex without a prophylactic or that has been diagnosed with an STD in the past 6 months, or\

is a heterosexual man or lady who does not use prophylactics regularly when making love with a person who goes to considerable danger for HIV infection as well as whose HIV standing is unknown (e.g., a person that injects drugs or a lady that has bisexual male companions).

· PrEP is additionally suggested for people that have actually injected medications in the past 6 months as well as shared needles or materials, or who have actually been in drug therapy in the past 6 months.\ \

If you have a partner that is HIV positive and also you are considering obtaining expectant, talk to your physician regarding PrEP if you are not currently taking these drugs. PrEP may be a choice to aid safeguard you and your child from obtaining HIV infection while attempting to obtain expecting, while pregnant, or when breastfeeding.

Due to the fact that PrEP includes taking medication daily and seeing a healthcare provider frequently, it may not be right for everyone. PrEP can also trigger adverse effects (such as queasiness) in some people, although these usually minimize with time. These side effects are not life threatening. See Is PrEP Safe?

  • Mutually virginal methods that you and also your companion just have sex with each other, as well as do not have sex beyond the companion.

    Learn more concerning exactly how to protect on your own and obtain customized info to fulfill your requirements with the CDC's HIV Risk Reduction Tool (BETA).

    How well does PrEP work?
    Researches have actually shown that PrEP lowers the danger of obtaining HIV from sex by concerning 99% when taken consistently. Among people who inject medications, PrEP minimizes the risk of obtaining HIV by at least 74% when taken regularly. Given that PrEP does not secure versus other sexually transmitted diseases, use condoms the proper way every time you have sex.

    Find out more regarding how to safeguard yourself from lgbt and std friendly online doctors and also get individualized info to fulfill your requirements with the CDC's HIV Risk Reduction Tool (BETA).

    Is PrEP Safe?
    In some people, PrEP can create adverse effects (such as nausea or vomiting), however they usually go away over time. No significant negative effects have actually been observed, and the adverse effects are not harmful. If you are taking PrEP, tell your doctor regarding negative effects that are extreme or do not vanish.

    Discover more regarding exactly how to protect yourself as well as get customized info to meet your requirements with the CDC's HIV Risk Reduction Tool (BETA).

    I'm transgender, will PrEP hinder my hormone therapy?
    Even more researches are required on this subject, but there are no well-known communications or disputes between the substance abuse for PrEP and hormonal agent treatment. There is no scientific reason why the medications can not be taken together. If you are worried that PrEP will impact your hormonal agent therapy, ask your healthcare provider to check your hormonal agent levels. Individuals taking PrEP ought to see their doctor every 3 months for follow-up, HIV testing, and refills. This see could be combined with visits for hormonal agent therapy.

    Learn more concerning exactly how to safeguard on your own and obtain individualized information to meet your needs with the CDC's HIV Risk Reduction Tool (BETA).

    How can I start PrEP?
    PREPARATION can only be suggested by a healthcare provider; so talk to your own to discover if PrEP is the best HIV avoidance method for you. You need to take PrEP daily for it to work. Additionally, you need to get examined for HIV before you begin taking PrEP to make sure you do not already have HIV, and afterwards every 3 months while you're taking it. Consequently, you will require to see your doctor consistently for this follow-up.

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